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Pro Dental Care– Dentist for Invisible Braces Aligners, is the Top Orthodontist near by.

Dr Dnyaneshwar Patil MDS Endodontics & Dr Reshma Patil MDS Endodontics (GOLD MEDALIST).

What would it be advisable for you to do after Invisible Braces treatment?

There are relatively few post treatment rules separated from the essential ones. You may be approached to have a check on eating hard nourishments. As a rule, you can even expel them while eating. Likewise relying upon the state of your teeth, you may need to wear them for a time of 12 to two years. Consequently consistently ensure that you keep your meeting with your dental specialist. Finding the best invisible wire near you will give you the best improvement and results.

At What Age Should You Get An Teeth Alignment Treatment?

Many people have a misconception that dental braces are for kids. However, this is not the case. Yes, children are the best age for alignment treatment, but adults can also benefit. Any individual with healthy teeth and gums can get their teeth aligned. However, orthodontic treatment is best carried out in children due to their flexible bones and continuing growth. So parents must bring their children to visit the orthodontist when their first permanent teeth erupt. In many cases, an orthodontic problem can be prevented by a timely intervention by the orthodontist. we perform preventive orthodontics as well.

How to Go About Orthodontic Treatment?

In order to begin orthodontic treatment , you must visit our orthodontist. You will be asked to report with a full mouth X-Ray and a lateral profile X-Ray for facial, dental and skeletal evaluation. After viewing your X-rays and performing a clinical evaluation, the orthodontist will devise a treatment plan.

You will also be given the treatment duration, cost and a complete quotation. Once you have understood the treatment plan and are prepared to go ahead with the treatment, your treatment will begin.

Is the Extraction of Teeth Required for Orthodontic Treatment?

Teeth extractions are not required for all orthodontic treatment. The reason teeth are extracted is when there isn’t enough space in the arch to move the teeth into alignment.

The space obtained after teeth extraction is used to straighten teeth and align them. After a complete evaluation of your case, the orthodontist will inform you whether you need dental extractions or not.

What Should a Detailed Orthodontic Treatment Plan Include?

Orthodontic treatment usually occurs in two phases: Active and Retention.Orthodontic treatment can be performed using removal and fixed appliances and sometimes, a combination of the two is also used. The type and approach of your orthodontic treatment will depend upon your case and the severity of the malocclusion. Each case is treate

d differently and appropriate appliances are chosen. These appliances are used to cause movement of teeth, refrain muscles and bring about jaw growth. Special type of appliances are used in kids to direct jaw growth and these are called as myofunctional appliances. Your orthodontic treatment plan also includes how to handle orthodontic emergencies. Your orthodontist is well-trained to help you manage these concerns throughout your treatment if the case arises.

How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment Take?

One common question that patients ask their orthodontist after getting their braces treatment started is – “When will my aligners come off?” and “Can braces be removed early?” In most cases, orthodontic treatment takes 1.5- 2 years. However, some simple cases take less than a year to complete and the more complex cases can take 3years or longer to complete.

Everyone has the right to a perfect smile and orthodontic treatment using dental wires is the most natural way to achieve it. At OUR clinics, we are motivated to give beautiful smiles to our patients who have multiple options of braces to choose from based on their need and budget! Visit us today for your smile transformation!

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Pro Dental Care is the  top orthodontist near by in Pune.

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