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An inflamed tooth pulp causes more pain which is the result of the bacteria development on the tooth. A root canal treatment is a way to deal with this problem by removing the pulp and filling it with proper dental fillings. After treatment, a proper dental crown is put on to prevent the tooth from endodontist in pune

What do you mean by Root Canal Treatment?

The toothache that you are experiencing needs to be taken seriously. It has to be eliminated, or else it may result in loss of the tooth. Root canal treatment is the elimination of the infected pulp to relieve the patient of dental pain. It usually takes a dentist two to three sessions to complete the entire procedure. It is a simple five-step method :

  1. The dentist checks for a cavity or infection through an X-ray or simple observation. He then administers local anesthesia in the painful area to numb it.
  2. The endodontist then uses the small equipment, like a small drill, to get through the tooth. Next, small files are used to remove pulp.
  3. The next step is to clean and shape canals.
  4. The canals are then filled with a rubber-like material called Gutta Percha, .
  5. Post the temporary filling, the endodontist covers the tooth with a dental cap as the tooth is basically dead and a little fragile with just a temporary filling. According to the patient’s choice, the dental cap is then placed on the treated tooth.

When does the need for a Root Canal Treatment arise?

Root canal treatment is usually given to individuals when they have a severe toothache. But not all toothaches’ solution is a root canal treatment. Toothache caused due to pulpal involvement by caries bacteria, trauma, etc will necessitate root canal treatment.

However, all this pain accentuates when you chew or grind your teeth. Visit Sabka Dentist in Pune for dental treatment, so that our dentists can help identify your oral health issue, and also elaborate on what could be the solution.

What are major reasons for Root Canal Treatment?

  • Toothache, especially at night.
  • Trauma
  • Secondary caries, approaching or reaching pulp.

Does Root Canal Treatment Hurt?

No. Root canal Treatment is a painless procedure since it is performed under local anaesthesia. Howsoever, the patient might experience slight tenderness, post the treatment, for which the dentist may prescribe an antibiotic.

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